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Business Consulting


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Core Competencies:
Training and Consulting – We customize training sessions and courses for corporate enterprises, colleges, government agencies, private entities and  individual entrepreneurs. We offer structured training sessions covering topics for business modeling, sales strategies, marketing, production, service and operational efficiency.  Courses are backed by highly skilled facilitators, training tools; books, multi-media presentations,  worksheets, best practices and relevant industry data as needed.  

Corporate Branding – We will help plan and create a dynamic corporate identity program, sales campaign, or any other customer generating strategy using a combination of offline and online media marketing.  Ask us about print ads, media kits, apps, social media and digital marketing.  We can create or even support  publicity campaigns, special  events, trade show promotions and other industry specific marketing. 

Management & Marketing - Strategies to increase sales and improve day to day operations for enterprises, large and small.  Our project management team of professionals will organize, lead and produce; ultimately delivering profitable solutions.

Marketing Management, Business Services, Consulting, Marketing, Promotion, Sales Development, Process Improvement, Training & Professional Development, Social Media Strategies, Business Planning... and more. We customize programs for your business needs.  

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Our Company:

Established in 2008, Profit Marketing Communications, LLC specializes in services that build operational capacity and increase sales.

Our consultants are experts in a variety of fields, working together as a team, delivering strategies, hands-on expertise, technical skills and creative talent; backed by a high level of experience which spans more than two decades. With every project undertaken, we integrate a strategy-driven approach as we help you achieve your goals and desired results.  .